Benefits of Keeping Your WordPress Website Up to Date

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Benefits of Keeping Your WordPress Website Up to Date

Do you need to keep your WordPress website updated?

Yes, regularly!

Many WordPress users are wary of updating their plugins, themes, and WordPress versions out of fear that this may break their site. However, WordPress websites are one of the situations where the phrase “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it it” does not apply. While failing to update your site will cause some serious issues, keeping it up to date on the other hand yields numerous benefits. Here are some.

  • Increased security. WordPress keeps evolving, and developers are keen to identify loopholes that can be exploited by hackers and used to plant a malware or steal information. Plugins are especially big security exploit and therefore when updating, you should update them first. Website maintenance includes updating which increases security.
  • Added features and functionality. Updates are a great way to discover new features and functionality that add efficiency. Indeed widgets were introduced through an update.
  • Bug fixes. Regardless of how thorough the testing process may be, sometimes there may be a bug or two. Some you may not notice. Updates fix any bug that is present in the former version.
  • Responsive website design. This involves ensuring that your site is visually appealing and works smoothly with both PC and mobile devices. Some older versions do not support this, and recent versions have optimized WordPress to be responsive.
  • Auto updates. This allows your plugins, themes and versions that don’t need much manual presence to update automatically reducing the need for you to update numerous times. Funny that the auto updates function was also introduced through an update!
  • Search engine optimization is crucial to the success of your site and consequently, business. Regular updates and changing up the look of your site draws attention to it. It also allows you to add new features, images, and content much more easily hence attracting the search engine’s favorable attention.

Dangers of Not Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated

Ignoring WordPress updates is possibly one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

While on rare occasions an update could break a site, it is however not serious if you had already backed up your content. More importantly, having a staging site which is a site similar to your live one where you can test updates before you use them on your live site and see if they will work effectively, is a bonus.

Your site is more likely to experience major problems if you have taken a long time to update (skipped a few version numbers) than if you update it regularly. In extreme cases, you may be forced to transfer your content to a new site which will inevitably cost you a ton of money even with an affordable website company.

However, in the event you ignore updates, security loopholes may be discovered by hackers who may then proceed to spam your site, post adverts you would never dream of and worse, plant malware on your mail relay that you could unwittingly pass on to your subscribers!

All this will damage your online reputation and even make you lose content and income. If you want to get scammers and hackers of your website, keep it updated.

In Springfield, MO, there are great affordable website companies like 31 By Design that will help with website maintenance, website design, and SEO. This will help you keep your site secure and optimized without you feeling as if you risk breaking it.

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